Wednesday, September 28, 2016


After having been away for a long time, I decided it's time again to come back. You know how you can have times in your life you don't feel like talking? or sharing? Or saying much at all. I've been working the grind, as they say, for quite a while. Currently I'm working but working where I'd like to be makes the difference. I had forgotten I could write. Apparently my grammar can be imperfect, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. 

I'm still a goat herder, and I prefer to stay one for ever more. Goats never go out of fashion. They rule. #highooves

Have a fun day too, get some sun if you have access to the download.

Monday, November 25, 2013

for the love of goat

The pace of life moves along quickly. Before you know it things have happened. If nothing has happened then it's time to revisit things. Why not have some fun? Things are serious enough as it is. What are you up to right now?

In my case: I have been working on a new project because I fell over it. It jumped out at me while I was working on a crazy lampshade with knitted stuff for an open day of my local craft group. I have been drawing on crockery ever since the 'aha' befell me. It's plates, tea cups, coffee mugs, espresso cups and even a teapot that I have doodled with my goaties. In case you missed it: I'm a goat herder.

So after the goatie mayhem cranked up I sold all my ware on the open day! There were orders put in and I found myself drawing more crazy goaties. Knitting goaties, skipping rope goats, hugging goats, guitar playing goats; I decided the next step was a website and going to a market. The website will go live in the next few days.

So much to my surprise I will be having a stand at the next Milton Market which is Saturday the 7th of December. It's bound to be fun and busy! Come and see us and share a cup of tea.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Story telling

Midway through the story
we pause.
Try and rewind but no.
The story stops for certain.
What continuation there is
is simply what passes as time.

Segments. Phrases.
Blobs of words. Appear. Die. Live.
It's hard to say nowadays.

Letting words fall where they may.
Silence is my better friend.
All the shouting and screaming that went on
might as well have been in vain as the thoughts that raced before them.
Choosing the non-word seems sensible. Not even the visual,
not the sleep, not the sound. What remains, is. But what is it?

What does silence feel like?
What does it actually say?

Monday, April 1, 2013

easter matter

Less and less
is there a need for rituals
the refinement of existing in this place
is enough to move and be in joy.

The firmer the desire for anchoring
oneself to a requirement,
the more solely it serves the purpose of ego and false safety.
Quietude is the only thing that really sustains.

Listen to the space that envelops.
The stardust that whispers sweet nothings.
No easter egg can hold the richness
and the vastness of the Being discovered.

The easter bunny disappeared in the distance.
The cross that was borne is long cast.
A story unwritten only matters
as it newly takes shape in the soul right now.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

today is the day

I consider every day to be the most important.
When cuddling my cat I hear her musings of content.
She only cares to be loved, to be warm, to be fed.
Simplicity and serenity lie in the arms of friendship. 

Being happy with what is
and rejoicing the love that is with us, today.
Some blessings are eternal, some are fleeting.
Whether we can find a friend or not: remember to purr every day.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

the silence

words being said
that might as well have been unspoken
in the air, waiting and halted

erased by being obsolete
the story matters
more then the grammar.

I have chosen to wait
it can be more useful
to not say anything
but let the thought sit quietly

then softly
there's a breath of word released
a sound of being expressed
the tender unfolding of speech.

the sentences become
flowing in song
fluffy as goat hair
loving in caress once more.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the turkeys

In the light
the male turkeys dance
they prance and jest, they fluff and huff loudly
until one has had enough and turns round, dashing off
to some food that looks interesting
or to monitor a chook that is scurrying for worms

the lady turkeys
are busy too, two are nesting,
one other is young and restless
and one is recovering from a ferret wound
yet all reside in the green, looking happy
being together

in the here and now
where food is abundant and company plentiful
peace reigns
and the male turkeys gobble
looking up at the sun
shaking their feathers
poking up their fluffy bums to the sky

Monday, October 29, 2012


Did you feel it?
That I love you.
Now and always.
My heart is your heart.

Our hearts are connected to the
Global Heart that is beating.
Hurting. Crying. Celebrating. Growing. Expanding.
A heart can do many things.
It beats evermore. It remembers.
We are all humans and are more the same then we are different.

The heart is strong
The heart is wise.
It will tell tales from truth
It will follow it's own strength
of you.
Of me.
Of all hearts. In time to come.

Friday, September 7, 2012

the two brothers

the two brothers walked
the two brothers talked.
there was silence.
worry spread over their faces.

one spoke the other listened.
more silence.
they changed positions so the other spoke
and the first one listened.

heads put together.
the sharing of nods and mood.
assessment of the situation
that was very grave indeed.

a conclusion was reached.
a proposal forged.
the moods lightened.
smiles came out as lunch was served.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

blessed be

(for Margreet)

departure time
is timeless, although the death is timely
and soulprints are left on this earth
stored as memories below

walking her story on her ground
it had reached the final paragraph
and today, the epitaph.
I remember.

I recall the days I stayed
at your farmhouse for a number of days
and we spoke most..
in silence. The days I see as sunny.

You came to visit me today
and you looked well and are so happy.
Now that you are reunited with your love
and can walk your dog in peace once more.

And we weep not for those
who leave their bodies and continue
on the greatest marvel of a path
that stretches out in all directions. All at once.

Blessed be, lady of the woods.
I may see you again, another time.