Monday, May 2, 2011

what's in a name?

There is something very endearing about nick names. I was reminded this weekend when the hubbaliscious and myself were visiting the neighbours, discussing farm machinery, puppies (they have quite a few) and the hay paddock that alas this year had been unable to be used for baleage due to much rain. Our neighbour lady has one of the cutest nicknames ever. She is known far and wide as "Blossy" aka Blossem. Kids call her aunty Bloss (true story).

Once I thought about it I know that most people have quite a few names, including myself. So why do we give others nick names? Mostly because of fondness I think. Because someone is special to us, and we love them. (Well we do hope so: let's go with that.)

As Steve Wilson mentions in his post on "Why do we give other people nick names?": "Nicknames signify importance". So it's almost an honourary title! Who knew. Naturally it works the other way around as well, Obama held a speech at the White House dinner the other day and confronted ''The Donald" (as meastro Trump is well known by) and creating laughs about Donald Trump's insisting questions regarding the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate.

The question is whether to worry about nick names at all. If you like them fine. If you don't like them, maybe learn to appreciate them. As my grandfather used to say: "it doesn't matter what people call you, as long as they talk about you."

I have just joined the Haggus Society. This is a group of Women Artist Bitches. Yep you heard me. I'm a Bitch y'all. I'm not 40 yet but Terri Lloyd its founder is inclined to  waver the age restriction for me because "I'm such a hag". (For what defines a hag read all the intruiging info here. Mind you I still have to do the admission test oh Lordy!!) Terri is a professional artist based in Los Angeles and goes by the name of Pink Buddha. I sometimes call her Buddha babe depending on my mood. I love her yamies and her big head. She is crazy and lovely. Look at the garden she has. I wonder how she grows those heads.)

So what's in a name?
Whatever we want it to be I think.

Signed: Mirjam/Mary Moo/M/M's/Mir/Mirke/Jampie/Jampes

What's yours? Are you proud of your nick names?


  1. You can call me Bitch, you can call me Hag, but don't call me late for cocktails! xoxo

  2. I was at the farmer's markets yesterday and heard someone call out 'Lissy' I turned to find a friend of my brothers, who hears my niece and nephew call me this (this name is their invention :-) - It was quite funny and nice to see how an affectionate name had spread...

  3. Are you getting the tattoo?

  4. I wonder where to stick that tattoo! :) Teehee.