Wednesday, July 25, 2012

grey mass

the grey mass
is not so grey after all
colour abounds there where neurons talk
spinning in a vast space of being

why consider it random
when it's hardly that. You do have vision,
direction, aim and fire in you,
in your head and in your heart.

the grey matter and the red matter (nerd speak)
ignite thoughts again, connecting stories
into being
so was the thought first, or you?

(image by Hugh Macleod -

Monday, July 2, 2012


Once the mojo is lost we are no better then zombies. Last Friday my mojo came back to me, they were drawing themselves bless them. They keep talking to me. It's a funny thing.
It's very simple: inhale goats. Poop love. Voila.
(This is the real life Nerada by the way..)
anyway... more to come:
Relish the mojo, canoodle it with all your might. Then let it wonder the world.

Note: all drawings by me and only transmittable in public with prior written agreement. Thank you.