Friday, April 30, 2010

I love my mum

Do we REALLY need to only express our affection for her on Mother's day? I hope that not only this weekend you are remembering that you have a mum; the lovely woman who had morning sickness because of you for months, changed your diapers for years, held your hand and made sure you wore your mittens in winter and rubbed sun lotion over you in summer. That is what mums do, they look out for you. They keep loving you, even when you're a pain in the proverbial, do well or do badly and continue to be happy to see you. It's a miracle.

I love my mum. Not because she is just my mum, but because she always means so well. She is like a sunny chatty teddybear, warm hearted to the core. She is an original, like of course all loving and talented mums are. My mum Marion writes poetry, managed to start her own publishing firm and is extremely happy to meet other writers and quirky people in general. She travels the country to read from her work, talk about poetry work with others and has been in the media. She is a superb net worker. Mum's can truly be an inspiration and mine always is. And she loves flowers.

Mum you're the writer, I'm just the visual nut. Today I send you a wee drawing I did for you. You remember all the ones I did for you over the years, the ones you would stick on the fridge when I was a kid. It's definitely time for another one :) You're the best mum I could have. *mwah!!* Happy mothers-day for Sunday.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

because there are goats...

Want to travel and eat good food? Have you heard of WWoofing? It has been suggested to us to become Wwoofing hosts once the farm is fully "goatified". Why WWooff? Well "because there are goats" that's what... of course! Waha. Great vids.

We have heard mixed messages about the WWoofing experience when we came to New Zealand, and Nico and I decided not to go there but pick apples instead, where we learned many things, mostly which was unexpected. And yes the memories are quite extraordinary, and give inspiration too for the future. But hey, it's also hard work being on a farm and mostly it's doing simple things, including manure scooping. Good thing goat poop is so clean really, bless them.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

law of attraction

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction or LOA? You may have, you surely have heard of the Secret. As with many things, timeless principles are re marketed and most of it is ancient. The usual bla bla?

Thought creates matter through vibration (as thought is energy - ever realized the structure of water changes depending on what thought is focused on it? Read about that later here it's fascinating). So what are we rabbiting about here?
  1. What is alike attracts, whether you are thinking or feeling positive or negative about it.
  2. Your feelings are your indicator of whether you are being true to yourself or not. Emotions are extremely strong in adding to your reality, quite literally.
  3. Focus on what you want and it will expand, but focus on what you don't want and it works the same.
  4. Become aware: tune into your own radio station regularly and pay attention and then switch the dial to positive again if you're a bit "off".
  5. No wonder meditation can be helpful, as it quiets the mind and you are more likely to hear the silence: thus receiving helpful input from upstairs (if you don't believe in that sort of thing at least you will be able to relax).
  6. Set your goals but as an idea to work towards and to realize it's is definitely coming. This will bring it to you, but without focusing on that it's not here yet. (Yes it can seem fuzzy. Just practice.)
  7. The amount of active intention (read: emotion) you add to whatever it is you focus on, will increase the effectiveness of that which will become. It literally empowers it and makes it grow.
  8. How quickly things change depends on how clearly you feel and focus upon that which you envision, and how true it feels to you.
The reason I write about it here is because I 'work' with the above ideas and have for years, without realizing it first. Then I met people, I read, I did a whole bunch of courses but ultimately: things fell into place. All the humdrum started to make more and more sense. Very handy this inner knowing jazz. I really enjoy it, because it so simple and yet it always works.

The most fun is to be had when you feel happy. From a joyous place expansion can take place and wonderful things seem to happen. If we're angry what we will literally create is more upset in our life. It's interesting that people who talk much about ilnesses become ill, those who worry have -and continue to have it seems- more problems, those who want to control their lives have a hard time (pushing up hill and getting exhausted) and those who always laugh have more fun and seem to always 'get lucky'. Hm. Why is that? Also: how come that the ones who are wealthy only seem to get wealthier? Because they are used to having and feeling the financial abundance and they expect it. What you think about you become. What you focus on you create more of. That is why some people seem to be stuck in the same over and over and why most keep having the same sort of relationships or problems. I know it sounds yadda yadda, but really; think about it with examples you see in your daily life. 

There is a lot of things we don't quite understand about how life works. I use my inner guidance system and it has served me well. I pick up things about people, I get spontaneous ideas, I try to be sensible and not judge situations, but rather 'read' a lot between the lines. I trust that everyone does what they need to do what's in their best interest and I have come to fully understand that. It's not about right or wrong, there is no such thing. There is only perception and what you do with it. I love designing which I do. I love animals and I have a farm. I am still with my dearest and we only appreciate each other more every year. Of course I have been an idiot at times. Despite the embarrassment it taught me many things. So actually any crisis or mistake can be extremely useful. More so sometimes then when we just toodle along.

There is a lot to be said about living the good life, but really: it's about what you envision and what you intend to do with it that makes it exciting. I think most of all it's important to enjoy being ourselves and to trust what we feel is right, always. And yes, to appreciate all around us including all the people in it. What I try to do is become more aware of my emotional state and keep hoisting up my happy attitude whenever I find myself on the downside. This way I 'recover' more quickly and have better and better days. 

The key is to see that there is a lot in your life you can like and appreciate. Do what you feel is best for you. The point is you are more linked to other beings then you think. Being gratefull and being generous is a normal every day thing to me and it makes me happy. It also seems to make others happy which is even more groovy. My goats always seem to be happy and I love their attitude. They are truly enlightening. They have got a terrific life so it must work for them too. 

Basically I'm in the business of upliftiness. I get a real kick seeing other people excited and thriving. And really if it works out so well, why ignore it?

The secret behind the secret: here
For an introduction: Esther Hicks: on the Law of Attraction: vid
Their website: Abraham Hicks

Friday, April 23, 2010

goats and lighting

As I am a goat herderess (and proud of it) on this design/ lifestyle blog there are bound to show up some goat related items now and again. To show you that these are of course cool as heck and by no means cheesy (pardon the chevre pun) I would like to showcase the custom made lighting made by Yellow Goat Design, a business located south of Brisbane, in Australia. Surprisingly they are a family business.

They say: Our business is lighting – we excel in the design and construction of lighting for casinos, clubs, hotels, resorts, apartments, shopping centres and homes.
This family business was born 10 years ago when I designed and built a small table lamp for my artist’s studio – I paint and sculpt. From that simple beginning we have grown to create some of the most beautiful and unusual pieces in the world. 

We have a data base of over 5000 architects and designers around the world to whom we email a monthly new design bulletin. This features up to 6 of our latest creations and has become a very popular and widely anticipated pictorial. Why not sign up – It costs nothing and never fails to excite.

And yes... exciting they sure do.

Friday, April 16, 2010

beating your drum (rehashed)

After having written this post I decided to rewrite it. Beating our own drum is not so much about being stubborn and not listening about what others opinions are of you, but more about refusing to accept any judgement on it and simply enjoy what you are doing. According to Joi - a lovely, professional and unique web designer with a talent for the quirky (and she is also a dear tweet friend) - did a great post on April 11 about whether to celebrate her introvertism or damn it to the stars when attending a social media conference. I thought it was great.

The weird part is that if we are not carefull we might actually care more about other opinions then our own. It's a common malpractise.

There's a lot to be said for originality, and also for continuing to beat your own drum in a positive way without annoying the crap out of others. As a matter of fact it can be quite useful to make that music but not tell too many people about it. You don't always need to. Just enjoy doing 'your own thing' whatever this may be.

And it always boils down to our attitude that determines which people we attract by the mere reactions we offer the world. I'm paying more attention to how how I feel and what I do as it seems to literally influence who I meet. Giving others power over our own assessment and gut instinct leads to self doubt. The only one who knows best what to do and how to choose is you and also how to be you. Stick with it.

(with thanks to Joi for her kick ass illustrations.)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

get inspired

The next generation is switched on, aware, and more able to adapt to this changing world then we are:
I was incredibly amazed by the youngest speaker at a TED event so far. (Ted stands for Ideas Worth Spreading.)

So what is the story of Adora?

This Friday there will be a TEDx event hosted in Dunedin New Zealand. The speakers will be a tad older but will be equally inspiring.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Milan designweek 2010

Working as I do in the interior design and furniture trade one cannot help but focus on what happens at the show in Milan. And guess what: it's on now! Marcel Wanders said on Facebook he's there and rearing to go.

sparkling chair'  by marcel wanders

troy chair'  by marcel wanders

Design star Marcel Wanders has created a huge range of new pieces which will launch at this year's Salone, including objects for Moooi, Magis, Cappellini, Flos, Poliform, XO, Skitsch, and Slide. Called 'United Crystal Woods', the whole collection will be on display in Milan in Via Tortona. More about how, what and the 3 year development in the vid below:

Naturally there are many other wondrous design companies representing themselves this week. One of them is:

Swedish design firm Form Us With Love will be hitting the Salone del Mobile this year and they're bringing their friends.
”Form Us With Friends is a concept designed to bring together our clients to present our latest collaborations. We are very hands-on and follow our products up until they reach the end user in the market. In the traditional sense, companies show off their designers and products, but we thought it would be fun to flip the script and do things the other way around,” said John, Petrus and Jonas from Form Us With Love.

Also: to keep on track what will be happening this week in Milan, visit Lucy's website TheDesignFiles for daily updates! She's a gem.

Source info on M. Wanders and Form us With Love:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

modern times

A lot of talk in the professional community is revolving around the just released IPad. Whole online communities are literally atwitter. Isn't it amazing that just in the last decade technology has gone in leaps and bounds. And it seems to be on the increase. Time accelerates and we have trouble keeping up with it all. Like kids, even ankle-biters who are living today seem to find it easier to get their heads around new tools then we old schoolers ever did. I was about 12 when I first got my hands on my brother's Commodore64, doing away with using an actual typewriter and twink. 

There are different attitudes towards these new developments: it is either embraced and explored or totally rebuffed by the over 60s. As my mother can fully explain particular aspects of Facebook to me, I see it isn't so much age, but the attitude, which determines how we proceed with any novelty in life. And by the looks of it, gadgets and technology are continuing to make headway and become more and more incorporated into our daily lives. For now I will leave you to a 2 year old who will show you how to use the IPad. After all, how hard can it be?