Monday, November 25, 2013

for the love of goat

The pace of life moves along quickly. Before you know it things have happened. If nothing has happened then it's time to revisit things. Why not have some fun? Things are serious enough as it is. What are you up to right now?

In my case: I have been working on a new project because I fell over it. It jumped out at me while I was working on a crazy lampshade with knitted stuff for an open day of my local craft group. I have been drawing on crockery ever since the 'aha' befell me. It's plates, tea cups, coffee mugs, espresso cups and even a teapot that I have doodled with my goaties. In case you missed it: I'm a goat herder.

So after the goatie mayhem cranked up I sold all my ware on the open day! There were orders put in and I found myself drawing more crazy goaties. Knitting goaties, skipping rope goats, hugging goats, guitar playing goats; I decided the next step was a website and going to a market. The website will go live in the next few days.

So much to my surprise I will be having a stand at the next Milton Market which is Saturday the 7th of December. It's bound to be fun and busy! Come and see us and share a cup of tea.