Thursday, May 5, 2011

web we weave

We live
in a world of wonder
joined together by threads
and weaves of light
subparticles, atoms and people

we live to knit thingmies
we aim to write stuffies
and if we're lucky
we get to crochet
some miracles in the process

Fascinating how artist Joanna has strapped these beasties to the wall. they probably come alive at night and kept knocking old Mingh vases off the shelves naughty critters.

Love the blob. Sofffft blobby. Helloooo you blob.
(I talk to everything it might be an undiscovered condition or a Hag thing I'm still unsure.)

About Joanna: "Vasconcelos, who makes large-scale sculptures, is considered by some to be the Louise Bourgeois of Portugal Рshe lives in Lisbon Рand her pi̬ce de r̩sistance of recent shows, including one in Portugal that became the most highly attended exhibition for years Рis a piece called A Noiva (The Bride), which, from a distance looks like a large, pendulous chandelier. Only up close does the viewer observe that it is made of thousands of tampons, strung together by a cotton thread and hung from steel cables. Another cracker is a big, circular crocheted work called "Big Booby". (source here)


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