Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adding up 2008

At the end of the year we can eat or drink ourselves silly and assess the ‘year that’s been’. How was yours?

For me 2008 was a funny year. It was an extreme year that I refer to as The Rollercoaster. This of course is the experience of Life. At least it’s not been boring. Maybe I’ve been asking for too much entertainment…

I’m thankful for all that has happened as it brought tons of growth. I’m a big fan of growth as I’m allergic to standstills. They give me the heeby jeebies. As I’m celebrating New Years Eve by myself this year I’ve decided to have a party ‘chez moi’. I’m going to make punch, yes yes drink it too and have a great night. I don’t feel like going out or seeing friends but chill out in solitude. I actually like my own company which is a bonus. My dear husband literally got stuck in Palmerston North as his motorbike went on strike and refused to move an inch. A loose tube or some such which he’s trying to fix. He will be toasting bubbles amidst family tonight which is lovely for him. I've flown back to look after our animals.

So how do you add up a year? Well one looks at all sorts of different events and ponders the future. What can I change? How shall I do stuff different? I’ve got a feeling 2009 will be very steady on and balanced for me. Don’t ask me why I have that feeling, it’s a hunch and we'll see how accurate this one turns out to be. Peace, more loving atmospheres and expanding work in different areas. Yip that sounds good, I’ll toast to that! I'll go and visit my goats in the paddock later and give them some nice nibbles. No punch for them I'm afraid...

Have a great time everyone and an inspiring 2009! Go for what you believe in.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The art of spending

My friend Cara and her husband Charlie have a gorgeous boy, Oska and he’s 1 year old. He is as precious as he is squishy. Most of his communication is done with noises. His face displays various expressions and it’s interesting to see it change one second from the next. He can say a few words and enforces these with a ‘yeah’… ‘yeah’… Very cool kid. Cara was saying how interesting it is that her son has got more designer clothing then her and Charles. These garments are sent to her from her family in Sweden and England. We discuss how fascinating it is that a lot of people spend tons on dressing up their offspring or their families’. Is it the same as turning their children’s bedroom into this small palace? Is it something to do about that we didn’t have ourselves when we were little? Are we compensating or just want to show the world that we ‘know our stuff’. God knows.

I am always amazed what Kiwis are willing to spend on their kids and their bedrooms. The truth is that my own bedroom is as modest as you can get. It’s got a duvet and two pillows and that is it. Not 10 scatter cushions, no fancy dress up. My excuse is that a.) I’m Dutch and we do not dress up our bedrooms, it’s a very straightforward practical arrangement and b.) my husband and I do not like having all this frilly business on our bed full stop. We rather get excited about each other than our bed linen and we rarely visit a store that has these bed frilliness things in stock. Instead we’d rather get a very good chair, a beautiful piece of art or great food. The bonus is I guess that this way we keep a bit more money in the bank, but that might be accidental as we just do not contemplate the art of bed linen.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Right: interior design tips

People always ask me: can you give me ideas on what to do etc. The truth is this:
Interiors and what works is as varied as the people on the planet. Yes there are certain rules one can apply (that are rock solid as the force of gravity is a given) but basically it comes down to this:

  • Creative talent
  • Being a 3d wizz: being able to visualize pieces together
  • Know how colors work and which combinations rock
  • The secret 3 color rule that always applies
  • Experience, experience and more experience
  • Being aware of trends but not going nuts on them
  • Guts

So there you go!
Feel free to send in questions and/or pictures of interiors that have gone awry and I may have a solution for your predicament.

The wacky mind

You have stumbled on the kick off of Mindpopsicles! I will write about my life, work, design and whatever inspirations come to mind. May these ponderings be of enjoyment to you. (I enjoy writing them anyway.)

What do I do very week? As an interior creative I come across all sorts of homes and people. This fascinates me as I try to work out what makes them tick and why they have these interesting things on their walls or lack thereof. I work in a furniture/design store that sells custom made furniture and we kit out houses from top to bottom.

My own home, which I share with my husband Nico, is a 60s farm house that has not had any of my input stamped all over it, except for the positioning of the furniture. I got all excited last week because I finally am getting some decent furniture. They are 6 dining chairs that Grant Bulling, my employer, has designed. The seats are covered with a Romo fabric which is as fancy-pancy as you can get. My dear husband will definitely be intrigued by the choice of cover as it’s zingy and probably not his first choice. Nico is a wonderful practical and hardworking man who has a preference for more traditional pieces. I get great kicks myself out of modern wacky things that fascinate. Not the mundane for me as I get bored with it. (Good thing Nico is a steady bloke but still manages to surprise me.) My clients usually like to find ‘safe’ pieces and ones that will still be relatively en vogue in 10 or 20 years time. Understandable, but for me, the more outrageous the happier I get. I can coo over wicked wallpaper or get all in gear once I start pondering about these bed heads I can paint and use mixed media materials to cover them. Like a 'trompe d'oeil' to induce sleep. Or other things.

Too many ideas too little time…