Tuesday, May 10, 2011


doesn't always mean being online
If anything the unplugged connection
is far more powerful.

Observing trailing thoughts and using
focusing ways like counting down from 10 to 1
That help to just sit
Every morning at 6.30 am

I no longer feel my disconnection
that can be when I go about my day
When I think too much about trivial things.
When I get stressed or upset about work.

Instead my body sits on the floor
and I can no longer feel where I end
and the rest of me starts.
I expand and become centered at the same time.

Exploration on my doorstep.
It doesn't even require me to leap out of my payamas
It's found once I finally decide
to be still.
And listen.
To the vibrant hum that always is.

I am home wherever I am.
I am me wherever I can look myself in the eye.
And I am never alone.

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