Friday, September 7, 2012

the two brothers

the two brothers walked
the two brothers talked.
there was silence.
worry spread over their faces.

one spoke the other listened.
more silence.
they changed positions so the other spoke
and the first one listened.

heads put together.
the sharing of nods and mood.
assessment of the situation
that was very grave indeed.

a conclusion was reached.
a proposal forged.
the moods lightened.
smiles came out as lunch was served.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

blessed be

(for Margreet)

departure time
is timeless, although the death is timely
and soulprints are left on this earth
stored as memories below

walking her story on her ground
it had reached the final paragraph
and today, the epitaph.
I remember.

I recall the days I stayed
at your farmhouse for a number of days
and we spoke most..
in silence. The days I see as sunny.

You came to visit me today
and you looked well and are so happy.
Now that you are reunited with your love
and can walk your dog in peace once more.

And we weep not for those
who leave their bodies and continue
on the greatest marvel of a path
that stretches out in all directions. All at once.

Blessed be, lady of the woods.
I may see you again, another time.