Thursday, October 15, 2009

replay button

A friend of mine says certain events in our life may be repeated until we ‘get’ it. I’m sure you know as well as me, that it is in fact interesting how things can seem to have hit the replay button now and again. There may be a year of so in between, or even months. Oh dang! It’s THAT again. Bugger. Now what to do:

1. Ignore the situation altogether
2. Mull it over too much (analyze it until it creeps you out)
3. Gain some insights and recognize it for what it is

Naturally it’s nice when we get door number 3. It helps to see what the situation is for and how to change the way we behave and think, in order to ‘get it’ and evolve. It doesn’t mean you have to change yourself as such by force, more about integrating what you understand and choosing something different from now on. By being you and understanding why you react the way you do or why certain things seems to happen -just with a different person in a different setting- helps.

Life is not Monopoly. Still it makes sense to not hit our head repeatedly. One step at a time and surely we will get there. We think. Oh jeepers, now there is something else again! Why oh why? Well would you want a pre ordered menu then? Nah. Too boring.

When you start enjoying the experience, you love living life. It’s not about avoiding the cracks or the pitfalls but learning to spot them before hand and go oh goodie! Found another one, yay! I know this one!! (Bouncing up and down now.) Also it pays in general to just focus on what does work well and not worry too much (gives you headaches and aspirines are not to be used like lollies).

So there you go: there’s no shame in making a mistake, having to learn something again, or to repeat an experience. I’m in favor of nice ones though. It’s sure amazing how that Law of Attraction kicks ass.

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