Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Having fun is an essential activity. Without it we get lost, sad, need prescription drugs or worse. Just to enjoy another's company, or mosey about with a pet in nature can cure us from worry and other ailments like anger and frustration. Life my friends can be wonderful indeed. (Photo above is taken by me of my husband Nico enjoying a wonderful silly moment at the beach.)

In any case: I have taken to crayons, paint and ink again lately, we are very old friends and are getting re-aquainted. We started off with some goatie drawing to ease into it. These are Molly and her daughter Pompidou who was born less then 4 weeks ago.
Amazing what an old stash of art tools can provide!

And how about what else you can do with them? Artist Diem Chau makes the most intricate fun our of crayons. Literally.

Diem was born in 1979 in Vietnam and moved to the USA. You can read more about her groovy bio on her website here. Aside being well known for her crayon work she also does wonderful other 3dimensional work:

Intricate work isn't it... she loves making stories visual

Have more fun reading her blog! What is life without a bit of whimsy.

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