Wednesday, May 23, 2012


whatever drive and focus there is
another energy will push against it
yet duality is dissolving
and more people are
accessing the clouds.

sometimes we wonder why to
defend anything
or why to yield to someone or something stronger then us
especially when we feel it's wrong
and we seriously don't want to. Not anymore.

in Chicago strangers were
holding hands in the street
marching together and singing, of all ages.
Police officers were ordered
to restrain their views and their hands with force

yet the fiercer the commotion,
it forces the issue and more things to escalate,
those burned with pepper spray or hit with batons
are to be seen on social media their stories racing
through the Cloud untouched, spurring the sleeping to think.

a story only has meaning in the light
of what meaning you assign to it.
 Your perception becomes the version of events
and what action you take or do not undertake as a result,
it will reflect your true self to the world at large.

about the Chicago ProtesT; here and here 
after the NATO summit news: read here
photo by: Getty Images/Spencer Platt, source: CBSnews

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