Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Being remarkable?

Many people say they are busy. Are they really? Or do they just run around and that way they appear to be? There’s a difference between being busy and actually getting things done.

The ambitious beasties among us like to be exceptional. We fluff, puff and eventually we come across a mirror and laugh at ourselves. Does it matter to be unique? Does it matter whether we are extraordinary? Everyone likes 'different' but not too much of it.

“To be a superstar, you must do something exceptional. The next time you catch yourself being average when you feel like quitting, realize that you have only two good choices: quit or be exceptional. Average is for losers.” (Seth Godin)

Quitting continuing to build my network Quality Living made me realize several things:
1. I really have to learn to stick with my gut instinct. It’s always right.
2. That to be successful at anything, you need the market to be really excited about it. It has to 'grab' people.
3. Only true passion, belief and 150% devotion make any endeavor successful.
4. Quiting teaches the value of experience and wisdom. It's better to have tried and learned then not have done a thing at all.
Getting back to the fear of catching the common cold. Sometimes we feel there's enough of everything around. Is wanting to stand out, and be remarkable important? What does it mean? Why do we want to leave a mark on the world? Why be different?

· “Remarkable is being unafraid to stand out
· Remarkable is having a fire in your belly and an idea that won't quit.
· Remarkable is telling the truth, always
· Remarkable is knowing that a risky idea might fail, but a boring idea will definitely fail.
· Remarkable is falling often and then trying again
· Remarkable is doing more and less planning. More testing and less waiting. More dreaming and less sleeping.
· Remarkable is when you stand for something and make it happen and change the world - or your business or your life- along the way.
· Remarkable isn't up to you. Remarkable is in the eye of the customer. If your customer decided something you do is worth remarking on, then, by definition, it's remarkable.”. Seth Godin

It’s more important to follow your own way and do what your heart tells you. I found I have to learn how to listen to myself, instead of to anyone else. What I keep seeing is that you have to trust the process and keep believing in yourself. Focussing on what you love the most and doing that is always the best way to go.

So wanting to be remarkable is one side of the story, counting your blessings can be equally powerful. We tend to gloss over what we have achieved already. The most remarkable people are remembered for what they did for others in society, for what they contributed and the changes they made. 'Superstars' have been able to develop due to all the support they received.

Growing to be the best you can be and striving to work your bootie off is great. Just keep in mind what you are doing it for, and for whom. What does being remarkable mean to you? What makes you "you"?

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