Wednesday, December 9, 2009

media is changing

How media has changed:
The 10 ‘Women Online’ Trends 2009

This article was first pucblished about 11 months ago - how accurate has it been? Very very turns out.

"2009 is a make-it-or-break-it year for nearly every business in existence today. And as for women’s websites and communities, we think this industry is also in for a bit of a shakeup" Wendy Piersall

1. Women’s Ad Networks Glam media, Blogher, MomLogic, Martha’s circle are a couple of the women’s ad networks. Consolidation may be upcoming. The online advertising industry is best positioned to weather the economic storm, albeit with only moderate growth. For publishers, it’s therefore getting harder to get in the networks.

2. Women’s Social Networks. Piersall sees an epidemic of social networks to women, and in particular, moms. She points out that winners will be social networks and online communities for the top three activities women engage in online: shopping, reading the news, and socializing.

3. Number of Women online. Numbers will go up, as out-of-home entertainment with the recession will become more popular.

4. Social Media Marketing. Since social communities are here to stay, and women are extremely active in these communities, companies and brands are getting to the point where they can’t ignore social media marketing any more.

5. Beyond Advertising. Online communities will change their business models, introducing products, services and incentives instead of 100% advertising based models. The number of social shopping networks will increase: a mix of Engadget, Facebook and Shopping to find new ways to generate revenue.

6. Companies will Lean on Recession-Proof Industries. Craft retailers, health & skin care, groceries & cooking, children’s clothing and educational products are all relatively safe places to be in 2009.

7. Women Love a Deal. In 2009 women, and especially moms, who are increasingly online will ‘need’ a sale; so bargain hunters may increase activity across networks of sites, even in this economy. The lowest prices will win, and any site that serves up savings is going to do well.

8. Local Family Recreation & Travel Moms seeking cost-effective activities for their kids will be turning to the internet to find more things to do close to home. Families will go camping, do more locally at parks, attractions, and local tourist destinations, all to be sought online.

9. Think Green. Green will become mainstream in 2009. Women will be doing more (online)research about living more eco-friendly and finding green products.

10. How to- sites. The discussion about trends gave trend number 10, ‘how-to’ sites will do well.

writer: CEO, Wendy Piersall of Sparkplugging, a US blog network dedicated to work at home resources

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