Monday, December 14, 2009

the things we do...

I must be insane at times. There I said it. Work is busy and there's tons to organize at home before my parents fly in for Christmas. Not to mention the fact my business needs occasional attention. But what do I do? I come up with an idea to support a friend of a friend on twitter to see we can raise money to fix his heating system as he hasn't the funds. He lives in the US and it's winter over there. Noble? Maybe. Insane? Definitely.

I guess I can't resist the idea of being able to help someone out and then not doing it because it's not convenient. Truth is: things are never "convenient". Dying relative? Oh not now! (See that sounds horribly insensitive - this is an example ok) Friend in personal drama? Ehm... sure. Organizing all the Christmas presents myself? Absolutely honey! When? Seeing people before Christmas wen I really can't? AArgh. Even my hairdresser is booked to the max. Of course. So I will have to chop my own hair.

Darn darn.

So what do we do? Staple all the to do lists together. Try not to panick. Just start at the top and work my way down. Thinking of that bourbon on Friday.

Now please don't expect any posts or emails around Christmas time at which I will have collapsed in a pile and got the phone off the hook, internet plugged out and it's just me, my dear canoodly husband, our animals, family and friends snoozing on the lawn or hanging about in the pool (not the goaties in that pool 'course) But before then I promise I will work my butt of to keep my promises and to help my friends.

Wishing you restful thoughts and a great family time for Christmas....

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