Friday, December 24, 2010

How about yes?

We often say no. No to work requests. No to the check out lady when she asks whether you brought your coupon card. No to nice ladies who wish you to donate to charity. No to animals that want food right now. No to kind invitations. No to confirming someone we don't know on Facebook. No to different ideas. No to things we don't agree with.

We could decide to say yes for a change. Have you noticed how we have taught ourselves to usually pop up some automated barriers, when interacting with other people? They ask something and we immediately spell out no or go erm.... and why is that? To protect ourselves? From what exactly? From having more fun?

Recently I said yes to these things:

  • I said yes to spending a special day at a friends place in the city even though I absolutely prefer and love spending that particular time on our farm. It made my friend happy that we're coming and me too.
  • I said yes to giving money to a busker. He looked happy. I was too.
  • I said yes to admitting design work to a local art competition and included a friend of mine. My friend was happy to go along with this crazy plan as the deadline is a week away.
  • I said yes to working Christmas eve. My boss was happy and she said I could leave earlier when I felt like it. We were both happy.
  • I said yes to many wonderful things next year that I will know will acquire me to be focused and dedicated. I know it will be fun. This made me very happy and my design friend too.
  • I said yes to my husband changing his job (Actually I have been saying yes to that for about 12 months now). This made him happy and me too.
  • I said yes to another kune kune pig arriving on our farm. After the initial debate pig Spunky had with new pig Piggie we are all very happy. I asked Spunky to learn to say yes.
  • I said yes to designing a new book cover for my mum's new poetry book. She was thrilled and I was happy too.
  • I said yes to a bbq Christmas dinner and staying at home. I did make a superb desert and it's called Ambrosia. My husband and I are both happy with that.
  • I said yes to learning a new skill and accepted it takes time to do it well. It makes me very happy.
  • I said yes to new changes and I said yes to new possibilities and new ventures for 2011.
  • I said yes to my life changing all across the board. For the better. It's exciting! It makes me happy.
  • I said yes to the decision to say more and more yes.
How about you?

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