Thursday, January 20, 2011

bridging the gap

Back from hols! Holy days. Hip hip!

The last few weeks have brought up much joy, some grief and the usual bust your balls or else. Nothing out of the ordinary in that sense. But! Some things were -again- very useful to come across and to discuss with others too. (I had immense fun as well finishing an art project with fellow collaborator Joi.)

In two areas I spotted the "bridging of the gaps":
  1. between where we are now and that goal we envision in our brain
  2. the communication gap that exists between what we can now understand and that place where we will grasp more eureka and ahas further down the track
These 2 have something in common and I'm not just talking the obvious gap here. The illuminated thought has crossed my curly brain that perhaps these things could either be:
  • one and the same thing?
  • 2 birds of a feather flock together or 
  • door number 3: quantum mechanics
Take your pick.

What I find snazzy in this wee theory is that indeed we are unable to explain something for example that we have experienced in great exciting detail if the listener is not in the "frame of mind" where we currently exist to comprehend our endeavor. It's like explaining how to make Chinese to an Italian in Russian. Precisely. (Banging head against wall.)

So here is a recipe:
Don't tell someone more then what they can chew (or what they can follow). It's unlikely a stock broker has any understanding of the world of sewing and needles, and no skydiver has been expected to be thrilled to attend a seminar of manicurists. 

So! What makes great sense is if you wish to "upgrade" someone in the sharing of a story is to do this in steps. Every time you add to the story in a slightly more out of the box frame then before and see where you can get to. I have done this experiment and discovered I could take it to a certain point and then discovered the train station, which I knew was the boundary of where that person wished to go at that particular time. They were unable to follow me further afield. This is fine. We are all equipped to understand more in particular very "niche" areas. All of us have our own train stations with various platforms.

Or has some people have said:
"You can't hear what you are not ready to understand." Or in simple words: understanding goes as far as what knowledge and comprehension has been downloaded in your being. So, to return to the "bridging of the gap":
  • if you wish to understand better, open your mind more (go multi dimensional).
  • if you wish to judge less... accept grey as a primary intricate colour
  • if you wish to grow greatly apply the 2 points above.
So here's to Live long and prosper!

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