Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Interesting question:
how can we learn to be at peace, as we're always seeking to improve ourselves? We always have a goal further down the road. (See? Told you it's fascinating!)

I'm not talking about the contrast that is provided every day, the things we come across we like and do not like. I have been practicing observing myself more opposed to observing others. This has been a sensible activity. I'm not staring at my own navel (as they say in Holland) but simply it's been useful and educational to become aware of my old behavior and programmed responses in order to remind myself of where I'm intended to go, and continue to grow. This way I can slightly adjust my "acting" and "doing" along the way instead of battling myself to the ground. A much more friendly approach.

Mostly it's being aware about taking things in our stride and becoming aware that we create our own experiences. Yes lot of it has to do with our own attitude and that which we understand.  Friend Ivan Campuzano has written a beautiful post about "that which you give attention to". He even goes as far as saying that which we give attention to is Godly. And so it is. Another online friend, Michael Q Todd, wrote on his FB page this week saying: "My weight is dropping because I am at peace with myself and with food". Stunning isn't it? I thought that was quite a Godly sentiment too, a self appreciation statement.

So how can we give attention to inner peace?

Follow your feelings that inspire you and call you forward. Feeling happier and getting to being in that state of "being happy" longer and longer, there is a way of getting there:

  • start with feeling appreciation.
  • Instead of wanting, pushing, struggling to change anything outside of you... try to change your view and start centering yourself and realize that everything that currently is, is fine. Only when you make peace with someone or some thing will things lift.
  • ah! which makes me realize that Michael hit it on the head as of course when we make peace with ourselves... we are not actively wanting to go anywhere we are absolutely pleased with ALL that is where we are here and now and it feels all is well and that time stands still. (Some call this meditating. It also works just sitting in a field or even on the toilet.)
Hm! Well that asks for more playing with new experience... ! Love it!

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