Friday, February 11, 2011



before was
when alones rested their sorrows
carried their own story for their families.

Instead of silent curses
banners are held high
it's not Faith but Belief.

We can hear the crumbling
of old systems entrenching
Yet twitter rules with news
and those alone are now strong together

Google's one voice
spreads for many
and a cloud of emotion
hangs over this country in pain

The passing of days
and the strengthening of heart
In the street.
Resolved are they
and free at last inside.

Not a warzone not a bridge.
But a graffiti meadow with songs.
The world hears them singing
and listens intently.

for more info of the repressed:

From the NYTimes:

" Speaking to CNN from Cairo as short time ago, Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency who has joined the Egyptian opposition, said President Hosni Mubarak's speech was "an act of deception on a grand scale."
He added:
People are stunned here. Everybody expected Mubarak and his regime -- they lost all credibility, all legitimacy -- to step aside. People were expecting that we would then move into a transitional period where you would have a government of national unity, to carry on for a year to prepare for fair and free elections. There is no way that the Egyptian people right now are ready to accept either Mubarak or his vice president....
Suleiman is considered to be an extension of Mubarak, they are twins. Neither of them is acceptable to the people- even Suleiman is less acceptable.
Mr. ElBaradei also said "to put it simply, the man is gambling with the destiny of his country just for the sake of his staying in power."

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