Monday, February 28, 2011

from chaos

The last few days I have been working my bootie off on the farm. The surprising effect of working very hard physically was not just experiencing a pleasant tired feeling in the body, but also I enjoyed the fact that the mind quieted down and having the simplicity of solely being in the moment. It is quite astounding what a physical body can do. Nico and I labored on for long hours a day, relentless carrying wood and dragging tree branches, fence posts, wire, and lots of walking and walking through high grass. The animals lay snoozing in the grass, expressing contentment everywhere as the sun shone gently on them.

I was happy to read in the newspaper that many people in Christchurch are 'getting on with it'. There is a student volunteer army, the rescue teams are still relentlessly working away and everyone still living in the city are helping each other out. The stories that are emerging are inspiring and actually more and more cool to read. So, ironically the feelings of despair that were so contagious last week have now morphed into shouldering on and counting blessings. I also read this morning that 'from chaos many things can be born again' which can help us focus to create that which we want to see. Everyone in Christchurch do so well in working together and pitching in, helping others out it is truly something.

I think that it makes a lot of sense to remind ourselves sometimes that the way how we think has so much effect on how we live, more then we realize. Aligning ourselves with our highest intentions will create far more positive effect, then being stuck in feelings of despair. Perhaps what would be beneficial is to check our thinking: do we reason from a place of negativity and limitation or a place of possibilities and positivity? What do we choose to do?

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