Monday, April 4, 2011


Some times we get ideas. Maybe even crazy ideas. No one gets it. So when do quirky ideas get to matter?

In this day and age: when they are 'marketable'. When they are desired by 'someone else'. When they are so astoundingly hilarious and functional apparently!
That's the difference between design and Art: what value is awarded to your idea and subsequently your creation? So have you guessed what this creature is?

I know it kinda looks like a beastie from Pixar doesn't it. It might charge and nibble your ears! Then again it might sit next to your bed quietly singing a song to make you sleep. And then nibble your ears.

Here's the designer Thomas Schnur presumably keeping it from climbing the walls. Maybe they live in their own house or a rubber zoo. What games would they play when he is not looking? Would they need sleep?

One thing is for sure: it's a table and it is travelling: Hong Kong and New York to name a few.

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