Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oodlies interview

Joi has an Art exhibition soon and it's called "My 8 Crushes". As I'm one of said 8 crushes I guess I had it coming! Somehow it ended up quite a raunchy little number. Maybe I'm a dirtier girl then I thought.

I love Joi's Oodlies, they're so much fun.

Read the whole interview here. Of course the story is about how Joi and I met and what silliness we get up to. Twitter is to blame, that is where it started. And then after a while we ended up being "max' and "mary moo".
Joi talks about many many different things (my 'artist' impression):

In any case (by Joi):

If you have a shell 
because you must have a shell
row it from time to time 
you'd be surprised 
with what you'd find 
when a shell is cracked 
and bacteria moves in 
and out 
dislodging fermented thoughts  

(call on expert rower @kiwiseabreeze 
for dislodgment help, chats and hugs 

See Joi Oodling 'live' in this video below!

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