Thursday, June 2, 2011


Whether you believe in Karma or not
Life has a way of shaping itself
As you see and feel it
in your mind
in your heart

Choosing now
to simply be
and accept all there is
releases the struggle within.

Nothing out there can hurt you
only the inability to understand the bigger picture
that makes you experience pain
and creates all struggle

Karma is a name for pattern in motion
It's just a label
Don't worry about its stories
Just feel what is right for you
and let go of that which no longer fits you

Simply be..
And feel you're way through it
You are your own guidance.
Trust that.
Trust your self.

That's all there is.

source karma idea: Eckhart Tolle
poem: Mirjam Spronk
photo: lookANDsee


  1. Eckhart Tolle is a nitwit and this is a bunch of drivel. Nothing "out there" can hurt you? Have you seen the photos of the 13-yr.old boy tortured to death by Syrian security forces? Come back to the real world, navel gazers. No dreamy narcissistic New Age mysticism can save you from the realities of the world when a sadist has you suspended from a meathook with a car battery attached to your genitals. These are not just "stories" of "karma" but actual instances of horrific human suffering. Stop trying to wash it all away in make believe world of fearless enlightenment that doesn't exist. Get real

  2. Wow... love it :) You wrote this yourself, right Mir? I'm gonna read it over and over, seriously. I'd like struggles released :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you both for your comments. Isn't it wonderful that we are able to say what we think and feel without it having consequences of the nasty kind? That's what freedom is all about. And we're darn tootin' fortunate to live in countries where we can say practically all we like (for most of you reading this). Most of us live in paradise.

    We are human. We can hurt. We can also be blessed and joyous beyond belief. In the big scheme of things (which is what this poem above is about): we are eternal beings. That bit can't be hurt. Ever. I'm not in fizzy fuzzy fairyland saying that ;) I have experience having been out of my body which proved to me we don't end where the physical does and I didn't take any drugs in order to experience this. I can understand why big orson said what he did as my poem can come across as waffly when you read about something else that is so horrible. Question is: how come people who torture others do so? How people express pain varies enormously.

    It's perfectly cool if some of you don't agree with me because I don't ask you to agree with me. I thank you for stopping by and being who you are, saying what you do. Love and light to all. And may the world increase in it's awareness that we have to care for others as we do for ourselves. Even when they are angry with us. Even when they hurt us.

    In any event: have a good day!