Thursday, August 25, 2011

jumping jack

the difficulty is not
making evasive maneuvers when someone else is upset 
by rebuffing their airwaves of agony
but rather
to recognize it and trying to ease them by letting the vibes
move around you like a jumpy dog.

we don't have to immerse ourselves in someone's else's field of misery
to feel all its implications
in order to understand them better and what to do about it.
But it usually happens that way, regardless. 

Look the hurt person or dog in the eye. Listen. Talk a little bit.
Why would you not be there to make them feel better if they need it? 
And who's to say you have better luck with a frantic giraffe next time?

1 comment:

  1. This poem is absolutely lovely. Are you putting together a book of your writings -- if not, you should (hate that word) about I encourage it. Your prose is so eloquent, flows so well, is moving, and "just enough abstract"... I love it!