Monday, August 22, 2011


No. Often things are too serious already. We try too hard. Does that really help? Hm?

Generally we find we have to make light of a situation. Being stuck in the mud only teaches us to get very muddy boots (I literally experienced this yesterday when my husband and I were building enclosures for our two wild piglets). Better to have a laugh and move on.

I like to share this video today which I think teaches us to never complain again. There is no use for such a pass time although all of us have done this from time to time. How do you feel today?


  1. awesome - i woke up w/the Monday blahs, then realized that it's Tuesday, THEN watched this.
    better now.
    thank you thank you thank you :-D

  2. Moo Hag, you always bring it right back home.