Friday, December 2, 2011


What does ego do? What does ego mean? For a lot of people it's tide in with self absorbing, navel gazing and creepy things like meglomaniaccing or phsycho-weirdo activities. Is that really it? Mais non.

Why do we have one? Do we still need it? What about ditching it? Releasing that fluffy ego in favor of sharing our dear hearts with the world. Sorta hippie but also very joi de vivre who cares let's go sort of sentiment. Bring out the wines and have another round of merriness. It's so interesting that people love mostly their own names, their own interests and stories, whilst at the same time expressing that many things are not working so well for us nationally or globally (economics, environment, politics to name a few).

Eckart Tolle is a big fan of releasing one's ego (no I haven't read any of his books yet but I'm sure I will soon, after I finish my "Kryon" series. I quite like him on Youtube. Interesting soft spoken man.) In any case: can we go without our ego at all? Good question. I mean why do we have that thing anyway? What use does it possibly have?

Apparently, as my friend Gabriel has told me, our ego is: "of much use to humans to anchor themselves in their current reality, and to differentiate themselves from others, in order to learn and expand in their individual (expression of) knowing and learning." Groovy. In essence: our ego is a chip built into the hardware, like a code saying: this is Fred number 9643196. The software is made up of programs we choose to follow and we can always delete some and install new ones. Fascinating. So would it be advisable to ditch that ego?

As Gabe says: "it's not that you have to do anything you don't want to. As humanity is moving in to the realm of expressing themselves differently as a whole, communication changes as the increase of a broader perception comes into play. Ego as the expression of individuality becomes like a mainstream colour or strawberries. Those who loves trawberries become connected and share that feeling they have in common of being drawn to strawberries. From there on, groups will form and thoughts and feelings will be shared, much like an online forum. Ego as such becomes less and less of a neccessity as you increasingly find that it is more interesting to share, rather then to keep stuff to yourself. (That's also why secrets will be a thing of the past in the future he says.)

Hence the ego that once was just one man or woman becomes a field of many, whether these are connected because of their interest in strawberries or because they are more in tune to say making indie-folk music. (Refer to Stephen Hawkins to explain the quantum field in detail.) So that ego which ties you and binds you to your duality of being, as humans are wired to be at present, slowly this ego-state will morph into something else again. It's not so much Ego-less as it is Evolution. It's a natural process and can be a pleasant one, depending on how you look at it and how strongly you feel about your individuality."

Some ego stuff huh. If you're not careful you can trip over your self importance. I don't consider myself to be any more special then anyone else, just different. I'm a unique expression. Everyone else is their unique expression. This to me is a very cool thing! And I sure do like strawberries.

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