Wednesday, December 14, 2011


sometimes I do not know what I will write
and I needn't worry
as words flow from me
like water from a stream

turning off my head
is opening up my heart
and right now it's filled with so much
compassion that I cry.

I sob because the ones we love leave us
be it only from the physical plane
as love is eternal and so are all beings
whether they are bugs, beast or humans.

So for the tears and the sorrow
It's mostly because I feel so much love
that I don't know what to do with:
so much energy wells up in me

Blessed are we who dare to love
Who dare to cry with the acceptance of that light
It takes courage to shine, to be who we are
Loving ourselves is something we tend to forget

Being able to receive the love
from others is opening that door for ourselves,
allowing the possibility of pain in as well as the love,
as really it's the endless joy we know it all really to be.

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