Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adding up 2008

At the end of the year we can eat or drink ourselves silly and assess the ‘year that’s been’. How was yours?

For me 2008 was a funny year. It was an extreme year that I refer to as The Rollercoaster. This of course is the experience of Life. At least it’s not been boring. Maybe I’ve been asking for too much entertainment…

I’m thankful for all that has happened as it brought tons of growth. I’m a big fan of growth as I’m allergic to standstills. They give me the heeby jeebies. As I’m celebrating New Years Eve by myself this year I’ve decided to have a party ‘chez moi’. I’m going to make punch, yes yes drink it too and have a great night. I don’t feel like going out or seeing friends but chill out in solitude. I actually like my own company which is a bonus. My dear husband literally got stuck in Palmerston North as his motorbike went on strike and refused to move an inch. A loose tube or some such which he’s trying to fix. He will be toasting bubbles amidst family tonight which is lovely for him. I've flown back to look after our animals.

So how do you add up a year? Well one looks at all sorts of different events and ponders the future. What can I change? How shall I do stuff different? I’ve got a feeling 2009 will be very steady on and balanced for me. Don’t ask me why I have that feeling, it’s a hunch and we'll see how accurate this one turns out to be. Peace, more loving atmospheres and expanding work in different areas. Yip that sounds good, I’ll toast to that! I'll go and visit my goats in the paddock later and give them some nice nibbles. No punch for them I'm afraid...

Have a great time everyone and an inspiring 2009! Go for what you believe in.

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  1. Yep, we toast to you and toast to us,
    let's have a good hunch for 2009 together ,
    best wishes and love to you,
    live & love, believe & achieve !

    brother-in-the-mind Kees Waaier