Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm still enjoying my "welcomed" experience. Between Christmas and New Years I had a sudden moment of discovery. I could say that my current work has changed but that is untrue: I have. I have simply come to the realisation that a new journey awaits me. This is fine. It is more then fine actually. It's like when we're in school, we move up a class every year. We get to decide what subjects to take eventually and this is where it gets interesting.

Many of us have the tendency to contemplate, think or worry about our work more then we like. I find that halting the thought process and taking some time out can help in letting the unexpected surface. The time I did this was on my holiday, the epiphany (the idea and answer on what to do in my future) came to me. I had not pre-ordered it but was happily surprised all the same. It was when I was in the middle of bandaging up Harry's head (our pedigree Angoran buck). So even when one is standing in some poo and a puddle of blood, which I was, an answer can come us. That humours me. Our 'truth' will find us when we least expect it.

Does this realization mean I will desert my current employment? No. It does mean I'm doing my homework in guiding me in how to approach the next step. It would definitely be to stay where I am now until such time I get the sense it's time to move on. That won't be for at least half a year if not 12 months. I'm actually quite happy in my work once I stop resisting certain aspects of it. Again: my work had not changed: I have. We can get so caught up in expectations and 'should bes', whether it's other people's or our own. There is only allowing something to enter our life, to choose. I have consciously decided quite a while ago that I wanted to do something new and essential. It's not that this new experience would be better then the previous, just different. My predicament was that I was continuing to be stumped on what that 'new experience' would be. All I knew was that it was time for change as I could feel that in every fiber of my being.

I guess that when we try to control something, whether it's our life, or aspects of it like our job, that thinking or worrying about it doesn't help one bit. We have already made a decision, had an idea and it takes the 'mute' button to actually hear what solution is being presented to us. Isn't life fabulous like that? It's not you that captures the thought, it is the thought that captures you.

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  1. Everything was a thought first. That's the place to start. Anything we do with our lives starts with thought. Thought is our foundation for change.