Wednesday, January 27, 2010

joyous responsibility

All of us are in relationships, and they change and keep on changing. That is our only certainty. It's always interesting to see what happens between us and the other. Sometimes I see examples which make me think: why do we want the other to change or to give us what we need? Why do many of us need someone else to do something in order for us to feel better? What ever happened to our own responsibility to just try and sort stuff out or make ourselves feel good?

Many great and fun things have happened when we have decided to set the other free by not needing them to give us the outcomes we desire. Self reliance and self embracing to feel whole is beautiful. It enables us to look after ourselves, be proud of ourselves and from that place of strength we can do more then we could ever do before. It's not an egotistical thing I'm talking about. It's shifting the focus from 'help' to 'yay'.

In my book there is usually no loneliness. We are not in a sci fi movie or locked in a dark dungeon somewhere. There's much joy to be added to our daily lives, to our communication with others. Try not to force other people to be responsible for your happiness, as they are not. Only you are. Appreciation is a cool thing, give it a whirl and either consider to try meditating, walking your own dog or finding a way to get on with yourself as that is the person you'll always be talking to. If you make peace with yourself, you will find it surprisingly easier to be with others. 

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  1. Each of us needs to find contentedness in our solitude. Once you learn to be alone, it follows naturally that happiness comes from within and cannot be found outside your own heart. There are prisoners who never see the light of day that are happy. It's not environment, It's perspective. Peace,