Wednesday, February 17, 2010

doo da doo da

That's right, we always have to make sense, make the bed, make peace, make do or make up. Either way, we 'make' a lot, we are continually 'making' as we are creators and also creatures.

Many people take life seriously. They pop Prozac, they moan to the neighbors or mow the loan, they mind their business or mind their kids and try to mind their minds. "Life is supposed to be fun" (quote by Abraham Hicks) When we were kids this seemed a lot easier, we had the luxury of fluffing around and our irresponsibilities would be excused, we could run in hayfields and hide from the angry farmer with his air rifle (a boy got shut in his butt unfo but really we had a tremendous time) and live in the moment. We could wolf down an ice cream and not worry about tomorrow. Those were the days, but today that can still be the case. I tell you, as boring as it sounds (oh no!) it comes back again and again to our mindset and general attitude. It's a continuing topic. Life's what you make it.

I'm game for a throwing cakes festivity or giving up serious work to start selling balloons for a while. You get the idea. If something stays the same it will never change, it's up to you to go to the slot machine and pop a quarter in. Stop staring at it from afar. Make up your mind, and the rest will follow... and have some fun while you're at it. Doo da doo da!

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