Monday, February 15, 2010

let the good times roll

My husband and I have been very very busy lately. We had my parents visiting from overseas since before Christmas. There was work, there was farm work, the animals to look after, other design work, things to organize, trips to do, trees to be chopped, sheds to be build, glasshouses to take down and driveways to be planned. Basically property and work things we all do, we just do it in a farm-let format. Two calfs were born, one of them is still trying to find the right teats to use. This sucking business and starting life is actually not always that easy. So we bottle feed as well to keep Bella up to speck. Life is supposed to be fun so we help her out.

And just when I thought the whole jewelery thing was winding down -as I've been way too occupied with all sorts of stuff- there's demand for more of it, a particular design is very popular. Also there's a store here in Dunedin wanting to see my fabric designs. I've sold work both in Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin. So there are always surprises. I haven't made time to design more fabric or jewelery but now I'm keen to. The whole point of focusing and prioritizing is really to figure out what the heck we love to do most and then to go do it. 

I decided to start my study in June/July and am currently reading the biggest books ever that a client gave me to peruse on the topic. I have also done field work in my holidays which has been tremendously beneficial. Then there's farm training: the benefit of building a new roof on the implement shed for 7 days and getting the hay in -knocking off after midnight- has been good for toning my muscles and losing weight which made me a lot fitter then I was. I'm game for some new action. Watch the space.

Now I'm content to go home again to ca-noodle Nico and see what carnage has occurred today as lumberjacks visited and gave trees some serious haircuts. Nico told me it looks quite drastic and some trees were so huge they decided against further cutting afraid they would be felled themselves. I tell you there is never a dull moment around here. I go to work to get some peace and quiet. So on we trot! It's a good summer now and the weather has been wonderful which makes both humans and animals extremely happy. Time for a barbecue and wine I reckon.

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