Thursday, February 18, 2010


Having initiative is a blessed thing. I'm referring to the fact that when you can initiate an idea and follow up on that idea, transforming it into something sensible (and finished) that helps you to look after yourself and others, to bring things about and this results in riding the waves of life.

Damien Hirst an artist (not the famous British one but hell does that matter -not to me) has set up a surprising online store. Why? He needs a new camera and sells artworks for whatever price you are willing to pay to support him. (This initiative reminds me of Les, the twitter friend we en-devoured to set up a fundraiser for last Christmas.) The novelty here is that Damien's idea is fun, slightly off the wall with a huge doses of quirky and I have already spotted one piece I'm going to bid on. The sentences underneath the photographs capture as much as the actual photo.

Damien's mission: "My mission is to decrease the value of art expressed in money and increase the value of art expressed in the true love for it. I want art to be cheap but loved and admired. I want art to stop being exclusive and start being for everyone. I want art to belong to those who can see beauty in it and not those who are looking for profit and prestige. I want art to make a difference. I want art to be fake, meaningless and cheap. Because only in this way one could learn to apreciate art for only one true reason - because it is art. I want our world to get infected by art. I want an art pandemic."

Well said and a toast to initiatives. If we didn't have those then love would surely have perished.

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