Monday, May 24, 2010

changing the game

Currently I'm reading Gary Vee's book "Crush it". The man is an inspiration, and what he does well too is being so genuine. He connects naturally, even in writing, and his book is very readable.

One of the questions he asks is: why start growing a personal brand and leave our current employment/situation? I'm sure many of you would like to do what you love doing 24/7, instead of having to go through the treadmills. I guess things come to us too when we're itching to change what we're doing, but more so in what format we are able to do what we want to do. The weird part for me is that what I love to do is taking off like a goat on crack and the "I have to but don't quite love to" bit is only mildly humming along, not being very impressive. To me this is unhealthy and I feel painful about the fact I know I can do much more and much better. So I'm doing my homework and am changing what I can about it.

My husband is changing his game and I'm very proud of him. It's not easy for him to do so. He's been wrestling with it for years. It takes guts and effort to change direction. It also takes simple doing. I realized that our attitudes determine greatly how well or how badly things go for us. I've been somewhat grumpy for weeks (trying my hardest not to be). Something wasn't right and I knew damn well what it was: me. Still, there is a time to whing zhing around and there is time to just maturely fluff along. Or so they keep saying. But I don't believe it. As you can tell, the just carrying along is not my passion. I decided I have to make a decision and change the way I go about things. Surely there is a different way to improve matters, before I'm taking "the plunge".

So how can we change the game of Now?
First we assess what it is we LOVE to do. (the Goal)
Then we look at our current situation and ask ourselves: can I change anything to improve where I am now? (the Now)
Then we make a link from the now to the goal and devise a 'transit' phase: the in between and thus draw a timeline:
from "the Now" to "transit" to "Goal"

If we don't put a time frame on it, the now we'd like to change could drag on too long which wouldn't be fair to ourselves, and neither to others. (This is what I have noticed quite fervently.) Realizing what it is specifically in the now that we'd like to change will give us peace of mind, and allows us to accept how we feel enabling us to move to "transit" more easily. I discovered that aspects of the now can actually work as a springboard to where I want to grow to. A vision board can come in handy here too, to remind and help us. This is a great practical tool. (Learn how to make on here.)

Like Gary says: "Do what makes you happy. Keep it simple. Do the research. Work hard. Look ahead."

Indeed Gary! Truer words were never spoken.

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