Monday, May 10, 2010

crazy softies

Softies: cuddly warmth is what makes the world go round. And the Etsy company. I've done some scribbles on creating Woaties: my goat softies, to spread the goatie love. It's getting wintery down here. We store up all the cuddles we can get. I thought I could make it into a versatile goatie (why not while we're at it).

This fishy creature I spotted by Darcie Fish is for sale here

There some strange looking fellas hanging on the Etsy website, like this Johnny Depp character: he cracks me up:

Johnny Depp gone woodbunny details here

Then there's fun and frivolous eco beasties: including recycled bag inners. Ecohunter to be found here

And a snazzy foxy creature: details here


So as you can see, amidst the furry and soft critters there are true treasures to be found. Still, I'm sure there are those who can appreciate a genuine woatie too. Those crazy enough, that is. 

If you want to make some loonies of your own: a good ol' how to here. Yes they're bunnies. Or bears. Or a species-confused one. As long as they're fun!
For some entertaining inspiration I can highly recommend: Aunty Cookie. (She knows how to sew and be cool now that is impressive.)

I'm not a seamstressy type so this'll be interesting. Especially considering I've been trying to sit down to get started for 3 weekends now. Winter project?

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