Tuesday, May 18, 2010

friends and strangers

Interesting ponderings lately. I'm having "Happy Tuesday" and am sharing another mindpoppy with you. (Feel free to give feedback in the comment section.)

Many of us yarn or rabbit or talk or chat or tweet or post or write or brag or ponder about learning and the art of progress. This takes individual forms and unique expressions. For each and every one of us there is a goal or direction of some description, there may be a dream or vision, there may be some cash available or maybe not, there may be support from others or maybe not. Still: the fact that you are reading this post implies you have:
a. things in common with me, otherwise you'd be on YouTube watching some chimps in action, or actually doing your work or getting those dishes done and
b. you have things in common with the other readers of this blog as well. This I find a very nice idea. In this time of rapid technological advancement they say there is no solitude anymore, unless you seek it. The beauty is really to meet other groovy souls we otherwise wouldn't have, as the beaming up technology is not yet available to us.

This morning I received an email from Simon Mainwaring to say I had won the book "Crush it" by Gary Vaynerchuk, signed, sealed and delivered. I was surprised. I was excited. I was grateful. And I thought: interesting how inspiring people are so compelling and also: how cool to befriend people all over the globe. To have dialogs, questions, more questions then answers, stories, at time advice, and always the joy of discovery.

After the first phase we get the second phase: personal stories and more sharing. To offer more details of the things we did that were embarrassing, the cock ups, the sheer stupidity, the learning curves. A friend of mine told me there are many posers out there. I understand the sentiment. It is true that it is hard for some to be transparent and genuine. Instead of getting annoyed we might feel these people we come accross are maybe not yet sure of what they are really about. I don't know, but it's worth considering. The point is we have a choice always whom we want to give attention to. We also have the inhibitions to be careful, as our parents drummed into us not to accept candy from strange men and not walk home alone. Especially not when you're a girl.

Still, I'm all for keeping the door open, more so then keeping it shut. When we have been snubbed, conned, let down, hurt or just plain feel disappointed, it's tempting to say: they did it! And not try again. But really; who's losing out? In the end you find it's in your best interest to keep trying and happily hoping. Be sensible, but keep that door open, because there are great people out there and basically you make the choice yourself, by expressing who you are, to draw towards you those that you want to find. If you are not happy with who you are seeing, focus on those you would like to see instead. 

The world is diverse, and it's truly amazing to be alive and kicking today. Kudos to you all. "Live long and prosper."

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  1. That's so similar to the attitude I adopt when I'm enjoying myself. I found I have to avoid investing too much into any non-reciprocal interaction both online and in life.

    I'm often on the transparent side and I forget not everyone else conducts their lives the same. Too bad for them!