Monday, September 13, 2010

graduate style

Sometimes I reckon some of the best work we do happens in the graduate phase. Why? Because we are still eager, inventive and quite happy to make bold moves. Because we can. Because we allow ourselves. Because we want to.

For an artist there's nothing worse then being stuck in the same style, the same ways, the same toast sandwich, the same... (well let's leave it at that) year after year. If you wish to create wonderful art-works, un-limit yourself. I found just the other day while designing new work for Hemptech that really what I have come up with was so placid and frankly, quite dull. I was in shock! The mundane horror! Oh NO! Curse it curse it -teehee.

Un-limiting our minds truly helps in aiding the graduate spirit of free thinking and bouncing forward. Try it.

Photos: Mariposa chair by Edinburgh College of Art graduate Kate Rider 2009

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  1. I should note that the very next day I made an absolute killer design. The above theory works. For me anyways :)