Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oodlies time

Recently I have mentioned "the whimsy". Someone who is excellent at creating some serious Whimsy Art is Joi. I thought I'd share some of her work with you today as I'm a BIG fan. Make that HUGE fan. She is about to release a book no less with co-creator Bambi Gordon: "If a smile should lose its mouth"
Read more about the world of Oodlies and how to get their children's book here. I have pre ordered two and golly ms Molly there will be more to follow.

Every day Joi draws away and oodlies appear. It's a funny thing. She's been making oodlies for about 10 years! She can draw them anywhere but usually at a small work station at home.

I find them hypnotic! There is so much to see and surprises around every corner. So who is the mysterious Joi? Read all about her (hilarious interview) here.

She recently made this design into a montage for a professional photographer friend. Joi has her own web design business: Joidesign. They specialize in branding for small businesses. Her clientèle is internationally based and her workload is huge. Of course! Being such a talented creative it's no wonder she is so sought after. Kudos!

A while ago Joi has been kind to also make one about me being the goat and farm beasties lady. I love it! Should you wish a commissioned piece too: send her an email via her website here and enter in the subject text: commissioned oodlie request. See what she says. Just try to not catch her at a PMS time that is hardcore ok. And if you want to send her something nice: send her Toblerone.

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  1. I LOVE Joi's work - can't get enough of it >.< Thank you for sharing this Mirjam