Thursday, September 2, 2010

press down

The posting of 4 times a week hasn't quite happened. I have been taken up by work, farm, projects, lack of sleep and too many things that make my brain either be buzzing like a caffeine fired up monkey or a zombie as one with lack thereof. I'm working my way towards a sweet balance and cutting out any caffeine anyway (better for my teeth too my dentist says.)

So what's happening chez nous? As you know I'm deeply over my head involved in a collaboration project. Yes that secret one. So what can I tell you? I've just started to look at these:
Don't they look grunty? Spin them wheels Harvey.
You're so right: when would I have time to spend working with these steely souls? They are called etching press machines and there's a jolly great story about the history of them here.

Why do I want one? I used these beasties for many years while studying (here) I learned many graphic printing techniques there that I thoroughly enjoyed. I had a great teacher and I've never forgotten the joy I had while mucking around with the various styles and options. The woodblock printing technique is what I worked a lot with. This article here is excellent! It shows examples. I found the website of artist Siemen Dijkstra who was taught by the same teacher, Wim van Veen, as I was. Great reads and good explanation of the technique! Read about his work here.)
The thing is: if I don't plan, it comes to nothing. It just fizzles out and dies in a corner. (I already had to park my desire to study to be a vet-nurse as reality told me there's NO way at the moment to cram that in anywhere. I also had to park the goat milk business for the same reason: too many things happening in our lives so I will keep you posted.) Getting back to the machinery: I have shown the hubbaliscious. I'm hoping he can help me out. He's a handy devil he is. He'll probably'd like me to bake a ton of muffins and banana cake and make his coffee, give massages at night and sing a lullaby. Babe I'd be happy to.

So what do I want to make? I like to be able to print on both paper and fabric at home. Screen printing is certainly an option too that I'm considering, it's easier to use when I'm drawing fine lines, but the grunty-ness and handmade cutting out process is so cool to do so I reckon this'd be GREAT! More examples of what's possible in the world of old school arty-farty made by other great folk below, including a lithografy piece at the bottom:

Groovy yes? How the printing is done of the cut prints here's some photos:

3 photos above courtesy of:

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