Tuesday, March 1, 2011


You are the sun that shines your own self
upon this earth.
Whether you shine or whether you darken that light is your choice alone
Do not blame others for keeping their light as you deflect what is theirs.
they are their own minds
they are their own hearts
They can not make you feel better if you
do not wish this for yourself.

Standing alone is not being weak - It's embracing that which you are yourself.
It's tying your own shoe laces
It's practicing your own stride.
You can strut your stuff,
But do it for you
Don't expect a serenade from others.

As you will find
you do not need it
You have your own light
you hold your own heart
and that's where you will find joy again.

See differently
and you will understand
You have had all you needed already
all along. 
Be at peace. Others then will be at peace with you.

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