Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"If you know your own light, why darken it? That is what cancer does."

What is cancer about. Did you ever wonder that? I do. Not the physical, not the blasting the body with chemicals story. I'm talking about the human experience of it. How can it get in a body in the first place? And if it's there, what can be done about it other then the usual scenario?

And... when someone has fought in their own fashion, trying to deal with their existence the best they can, and it hasn't worked out as they hoped (fortunately many do heal and recover) and they lie in the Hospice room waiting... and.. dying. What is there then? What is there to do?

"Let the guns fall silent. There is no more war.

No one is up in arms, but you.
To find rest, amidst your own Self, without pity,
But with great respect, is a good cause.

What would you say, if there was never any trouble,
Except that which you brought here yourself.
And that there need be no sorrow
As your heart can be free, anytime?
Shed the weight you deem to carry.
The burden is nothing but a stone around your neck.
It’s your choice to redeem your freedom. Now. And ever.

Be brave is not about how you face things,
you have the courage to face yourself.
All things considered, that is all there is. 

It is Love.
Staring you in the face. After all. At the end.
Embrace it.
You are home, brother."

note: I have written this post also for my mum, who is thinking about this as she knows several people who are experiencing stages of cancer. Anyone we know, seems to know someone with cancer. It's not about the cancer itself, but how we treat the person.

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