Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the hum of love

Maybe we can move
both intentional and unintentional
by simply stating who we are
the definition itself radiating
that what we feel and embody
always telling all

Even without words 
enough can be shared
to build bridges,
mend bruises
fix problems
to sail the seven seas

When we start to remember
that we are more then
the sum of our parts
more then our body
more then our minds
more then the clubs we belong to

That the center of us is our hearts
and that of others too
then there is no need to explain
no need for science play
no room for debates
just the connection
the holding of hand
the caressing of hearts
the soothing of us

A tone of silence
a hum of love
a pulse of life
love spreading
like ever before
around and in us
a galaxy filled with
the booming vibration of all

Instead of thinking about it
Feel it inside of you
Look within and around
It is all the same
Have you noticed?
Can you hear it pulsing in your ears
drumming in your heart?

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