Tuesday, September 20, 2011

why we matter

We can choose to be un-involved
to stay quiet to not say a peep, not let out a whimper
Because we choose to or because we fear to

How about expressing that which is in your hearts?
How about supporting your voice?
It is perfectly fine to make some noise
if you wish to. If this makes you feel better.

The time is now to make that stand
Not in your back garden or on the front lawn
but a-midst others in society
to find those that feel like you do
who beat the same drum of the heart

Raise that flag! Be brave and sober
Think clear and with purpose
Because that's why you are here now
To discover where you stand
what you think
and ultimately: who you are

What is your purpose here?
Are you going to stand idly by?
or are you going to look after your fellow man?

We do not live to be quiet
we do not live to be complacent
We live to discover who we are
we live to discover how big 

our hearts truly are.

We can express that which is the other
and tell the story
and increase the field of knowing
and the field of belonging
so we can come home
and be home

at last.

Photo by The Guardian, covering the "Occupy Wall Street" story in New York - 19 September 2011: link here.

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