Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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If you discovered you actually had the ability to actively shape your world as you experience it, would you?

Neale Donald Walsch is launching a new book: A storm before the calm. With interest I read his intro. He is literally shaping the book as a conversation, implementing opinions from memory and also from his readers who care to provide their viewpoint on topics from marriage to nature, to economy systems, to health care, to our global future as we see it today in a separate book. And marketing jazz aside: I understand where he is coming from. Increasingly I, and others, find it harder and harder to keep up with the world of duality. It is tiresome because it doesn't correspond with our new desires. Why would you care about customer's demands if your friend has cancer or another friend has been trouble finding work for a year? Have you had enough too of paying mortgages? We know something is seriously off key with the status quo and it's bugging most of us tremendously. So what is it?

Instead of hankering down and building a bunker to weather 2012, Walsch is doing a great job of being the devil's advocate by stating that all of us shape this world as it currently is, and obviously have the ability to 're-shape' it now we have stopped liking what we created. he doesn't mean changing it with our physical force, but by changing the attitudes of our mind, which influences and brings about the physical state also (read up on quantum mechanics and modern physics if you think this is baloney.) 

I long enjoyed ideas from this nature, that we as supposedly nimble homo sapiens are uneducated in what we are exactly capable of. I was given information by others (friends, peers, strangers) as well as being taught by the larger part of who I am to aid me in changing my previous more limited viewpoints. It's a continuing expansion. The power we will discover apparently is our innate ability to 'educate ourselves' in the most profound sense, and because of those increasing downloads, the extra knowing and feeling (I call it the best re-boot since the invention of sliced bread) it will bring about great changes in us and for us. It's a no-brainer that more and radical changes are imminent, not because we are hippies, misguided politicians or ignorant doodlers, but because the writing on the wall is getting so incredibly large we can't shut the curtain on it anymore. It is becoming self evident. You can't ignore what is staring you in the face while it's chewing and burping loudly. I find this encouraging. To summarize: staying on the snooze button will get us nowhere, re establishing what all of us wish to develop into is far more sensible even when looked upon from many different and colorful point of views. So kudos to Walsch for sticking his neck out and starting his conversation. By all means make up your own mind. I happily dare you.

I guess what I'm suggesting is to go on a self discovery tour (not the navel staring I mean the going out there and exploring your ideas both old and new). And do it fast. Use whatever bandwagon you need and any transport required, any library or e-book. Find the information you need and somehow gravitate toward and by all means: think for yourself. It is your choice after all. And instead of going for the-sooo-bloody-old rant of "get realistic" and knuckle down in this challenging climate I think it is more helpful to do something bigger then we are individually, and become part of that change we want to see (great blog-post here by Surili about when we get disillusioned or discouraged). What matters is what we do here, what we will be able to do in 20 years time still and to clean up the crap we've been leaving around as it is affecting our own health now too.

Opposed of playing nice and tidying my pigtails I rather express that which rings true to me. If this makes no sense to some, fine. If I am an oddball, fine. If I am unsuccessful, fine. I don't care about those things anymore anyway. I do however to my great astonishment, care deeply about humanity, and where the heck we're going. I prefer it to be awesome, inspiring and beneficial to both rock, plant, animal and humans and all particles in between. And I'm also quite willing, as is my husband, when times "toughen up" further to share our place with those we know to be in need. Increasingly I find this to be more important, to help look after others, to help them, to encourage them, opposed to what happens on a daily basis with me personally or what will "really" happen in 2012 when the Maya calender is due for a new chapter. 

I'm thinking bigger picture and multi-dimensional, are you?

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