Monday, January 5, 2009

New beginnings

Naturally a lot of people make new years resolutions as it's a new year with a clean slate. We love those don't we? I've made some too eventhough several big resolutions have taken off since November last year. I'm just happily continuing them on. Have you made any? I've asked around and found that all the women had made them and that the men hadn't. That was interesting. What does that tell you? Do we women feel we have to keep improving ourselves all the time and men just toodle on? No idea. I guess the male species do not believe in new years resolutions, it's the same casual approach for them regarding Valentines day and they barely remember our birthday or anniversary. That sort of thing.

The biggest surprise so far is that I agreed to participate in a Triathlon in February. A sport event.... (I know) with me taking part.... (I know!) Trust me I was the most baffled of all when I agreed I'd go. The good thing is that when one decides to try something one normally wouldn't, or in my case run like mad every morning with a sheepsdog in tow, the world changes. I've been told that a new habit takes 3 weeks to become a regular event and as the Triathlon is on the 22nd of Feb there's hope. My husband was the second most astounded person. I like exercising, which is born out of necessity as we have a farm, but I have no huge desire to sweat for recreation unless it's throwing a ball around with friends. As long as I enjoy it I'm quite happy to go for a long time but otherwise I can't be bothered. My student years saw me trying several types of sports but it never sparked enormous amounts of excitement. (I don't come from a sporty family as they're more the intellectual cultural kind.) Once I moved to New Zealand I did get hooked. Climbing mountains for a flat country chick was an enjoyment and physically a right killer (crikey that was tough as) so applepicking turned out to be practically a walk in the park after that. I thoroughly enjoyed push biking to work in Auckland, and it was also handy as I didn't have to go to a gym biking an hour a day.

The 3 new years resolutions I did make don't have a lot to do with the Triathlon funny enough. They're to do with keeping my sense of humor up and watching my boundaries. 2008 made me serious and all that seriousness got the best of me I thought. Stop. Reality check. Move on. I'm engrained with laughs and I'd like to keep singing, dancing and having fun. Yes I will still have to work hard but heck I did that already anyway, what's new? With work the same applies as sporting: as long as I enjoy it I can go on for ever. It will be exciting to see new ideas and projects take off. The launch of the new fabric I designed will be one off them.

So, watch this space and your own as well. What would you like seeing happening this year?

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