Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the conversation

Why do it? It adds value and connections. RT (retweet) @LizzHarmon Tip:
In social media age, getting better at PR means getting better at relationships vs. publicity.
So you decided you want to market your business better. How? You market yourself. Online and offline.

Gary Vaynerchuk –the social sommelier- is a great example of how social media can create a killer boost in sales. It’s also about being genuine. As Gary puts it: “Get up there and network. Connect and care about your users. The only way to succeed is to be completely transparent. It starts with the mirror: what do I want to do? It’s not about 9-5, f* that.” The guy is hardcore but clever. He turned his family's small New Jersey liquor store into a wine empire that grosses over $60 million a year. (See excellent video and info here)

Of course many of us network already 'live', and is it effective? What value do you bring? What problems do you solve? Do you educate? What makes you stand out? Most of all: what do you do for others and how is it actually different? It’s about what you can do for someone else that matters. If you chase cash instead of passion it's not gonna work.

What social media to choose:
Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin come out on top, there’s also others like Digg, Delicious, Youtube, Flickr etc. Each one has a different demographic core. Yeah you know the stuff, do you use it?

Connecting, information, chat, leads.

What are the benefits of using social media? Beside meeting other professionals and like minded individuals to network with I have found it an excellent news & information source. On twitter things pop up that conventional media pick up on later. Also there’s excellent reads to learn more about subjects of interest. Suddenly it’s possible to talk to anyone.

"Social media is about sociology and the understanding that with the new social tools available to us, we can more effectively observe the cultures of online communities and listen to and respond directly to people within the communities.” Source: Brian Solis,

So what to do?
You don’t have to become a social media expert to use it. Just start and see what you enjoy best. Give it a month or so to get a feel for what works for you. This Internet fluffy chat stuff is not going to go away. It’s all about the conversation now. More on

Want to learn some more?
Essential sources:
1. Seth Godin: number *1 read blog.
2. Gary Vaynerchuk: social media sommelier.
3. Social media strategy and marketing:
4. Social media guide:
5. Twitter tips:
6. I have found the NZ to be very useful too.
7. Last resort:

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  1. hi mir, I like the part about the transition from courtship, to negation, and to the vital energy binding ...
    in my view same as feeding the new field with energy, reaching for the tools within it, stating your territory of action and binding the new partner in that new, pulsing field of endless possibilities....

    Yes, go for it !