Saturday, September 12, 2009

interior styling

You are probably an avid reader of the online game as much as me. I read anything worth reading pretty much. Bottom line? It's too much to read! What to choose? Hmm.

I'm happy to share interior styling suggestions to you and am in the process of developing free E- downloads that will help shape your children's bedrooms and improve the look of your humble abode in general. My experience in interior styling and designing helps to create flowing atmospheres so why not help you in creating the room you long for? You don't have to pay any hourly fees. Fancy indeed.
During my house staging antics I learned the absolute value of:
  • clean entrance & de-cluttering inside

  • color rules/balance/textures

  • importance of lighting

  • proportions and most of all

  • common sense
So today we start off with you going outside and looking at the place where you live. We don't often do this consciously and it might surprise you what you pick up once you pay attention. What would visitors see when they come to your house? Is there lighting? What does the driveway look like? Is your house number clearly visible? Where's the letterbox placed? What does it smell like outside? Is it nice? Does it look inviting? Hedges? State of the lawn?

Hmm, maybe it needs some work. Give it some thought and let me know how you get on. If you pick up on something that you feel could do with a change then it's worthwhile thinking what can be done to improve it.

Interior fluffing doesn't start inside; it all begins at the gate. Have fun!

(above pictures are from houses I worked on in Dunedin)

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  1. verrrrry indeedy,

    we get to work on it....