Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the R word

We are still in the recession. I think it's also the one R word that people now hate the most. Mars has come up with a way to help. The real Chocolate relief act. (Found through Cowgirls.) They say: "times are tough and we at Mars want to help".

It is known that chocolate contains alkaloids which make us feel oh so nice. It has been linked to serotonin levels in the brain. Dark chocolate is the best, as it has a substantial amount of antioxidants which reduce the levels of free radicals. So one could argue that Mars is keen on influencing the whole of the USA with the oozing happy effects of the dark liquid. It will have a positive effect on Americans. God knows what good things will happen next?

Dunedin based chocolate manufacturing company Cadbury recently had a battle on their hands: Dunnies were up in arms regarding the unexpected replacer Palm oil that was found in their beloved milk chocolate. The rainforests would suffer! The taste was crappoli! Oh dear, absolute turmoil broke out, aside from the occasional couch burning by students we never saw anything worse. Cadbury had to go on their knees and solemny promise to not make boo boos like that again. Or else! They obviously bit off more then they could chew. But they too, mention that especially in tough economic times, their customers desire to find the best value in chocolate.

One thing is certain, chocolate manufacturers are sitting pretty: they have got a product that will survive these times: chocolate is recession proof.

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