Thursday, September 10, 2009

counting to 10

Our kune kune pig Spunky is a very in-your-face-type-of-girl. I think she's convinced she's a Diva and needs to be treated as such. Food! Now! Right.... she's also capable of apologizing and making amends which to me shows signs of intelligence. Why do I like her? She's such a personality and clear as a bell in saying what she wants. I guess I envy her. I'm still finding my way.

What to do with Divas? Counting to 10 seems to help. Divas have benefits in the sense that they help you identify where your boundaries are. Quickly. Their demands leave nothing to be questioned. They can be very entertaining and colorful. I'm not a Diva even though I can be a handful. I guess I'm still too nice. (Bugger!)

I both appreciate Divas and find them tiring. It's a funny combo, I guess that 2 sides of the coin comes into play. With Spunky it's easier to handle. She can't hop over the fence (!) but just protest from the other side. Loudly. With humans though that's another story. Battlestar Diva-galactica is stressfull... Sometimes I wonder whether giving in is easier, but that must be the feeling that tired mums have when their kids start screaming. I think the best way to tackle Divas is to stand my ground and not to give into their antics, otherwise you're utterly stuffed (as they say here). Once a Diva knows she can play you, you're toast. Counting to 10 is definitely a trait I need to practise on... even with the pig. Sigh.

1 comment:

  1. counting to 10, well, let me see....
    0ne= two= four-ten !
    hey you! get it fast! my foodies!
    I am your diva,
    and make it snappy;-)