Wednesday, June 16, 2010

frolicky frock

My mac at home is so ancient, you could turn the monitor into a fishbowl and turn the computer itself into a side table, considering I doubt very much it will spring to life again. I'm not keen to make an attempt any time soon. Problem is that most of my Dutch design work, brochures, logos are on the croaking thing. Hm... #dilemma

I started thinking about why it would be handy to have an online portfolio. Anyhoo: my focus is textile design, so I came across something on Twitter today that could be fun. (You know really: it's a good real time search tool, you should consider using it, it's not just the earth's water cooler spot for catching up with other global villagers.)

If you have creative endeavors, go check this competition out: "Create a vintage inspired surface pattern for Clothkits to print, and see your creation come to life on the catwalk!" Link hereIt sounds very Etsy. In a good way. "Want inspiration?   We do not need to see the end shape of the garment, just the fabric design, but why not think 50s pinched waist dresses, 60s mod shifts or 70s flowing frocks.  We will then take the design, print it, and make it up into a summer dress. "

So get ready set go, start frocking readers and readerettes. If you're ever so inclined of course. Otherwise feel free to do a Google on something else. My point is that it can be fun to try something a bit different today. Don't sell yourself short. I'm not interested to hear the but... but... if we do that we never do anything frolicky or frocky. I reckon the world can do with some more frothy frolicky frock. Uhuh.

image by Clothkids

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